packing & crate interiors

Art Packing

Correct packing of art begins with understanding of the inherent nature of the artwork, its material and how it was made, and by applying appropriate and cost-effective solutions to create a safety envelope. Managing for shock and vibration, determining pathways for easy packing and repacking of the object, and considering the reusability of the crate and packing are all issues that are considered in creating the safest at the most cost-effective crating solution for your art. See below for a description of several packing styles.

Custom Drawer Packing   Custom Drawers

Exotic interiors of virtually any kind can be created to fully dedicate the ArtCrate specifically to your needs. Here custom sliding drawers were fabricated to provide a portable print storage solution for large prints. The crates are fitted with locking rolling casters to easily move the print collection out for viewing and then for it to be locked away for storage.

Suspension Frame Packing   Suspension Frame Packing

Travel frames are used to suspend delicate or ornate framed works within the crate interior, preventing the artwork surface or any other extremity from touching the sides and avoiding potential damage.

Brace Packing   Brace Packing

The safety of delicate three-dimensional works can be maximized using interior support blocks, pads, straps and braces with non-abrasive materials engineered and rigged to ensure the optimal stability of the work in transit.

Slot Packing   Slot Packing

Slot-packing provides the safest, most reliable means for shipping framed works of art. The suspended frame is cushioned against shock and floated away from surfaces that might abraid or scratch the frame or its glazed surface.

Custom Cavity Packing   Custom-Cavity Packing

Custom cavity-cut foam inserts, cradle and protect fragile objects during transport. Soft, non-abrasive and non-reactive materials are contour fitted to the foam to provide a protective barrier between the object and its support to optimally protect the object in transit.