Art Crating

Correct packing of a work of art begins with an understanding of the inherent nature its material and how it was made. By applying appropriate and cost-effective solutions, we create an optimal protective envelope around the work to ensure its stable and safe transit. Managing for shock and vibration, thermal and moisture variance are balanced with simple solutions for unpacking and repacking of the object while considering the reusability and biodegradability of the materials used.

Through innovative design we have developed a full range of art packaging services, from simple, quick plywood shipping boxes, to traditional crates, to high-tech cases, all built for the safe and economical transport of art objects.

Custom Cavity Packing   Custom ArtCrate
Priced by quote

With its hardshell exterior the ArtCrate is a highly versatile enclosure that can be built to virtually any size and configured with any kind of custom interior. Choose options such as micro-climate control, suspension systems, forklift skids, air-tight seals, tilt monitor, and permanent or detachable locking rolling casters, telescopic handles with edge rolling wheels, and other options to securely manage your art in transit.

Slot Packing   Standard ArtCrates
Starting at $599

Economical, durable, and are available for same-day shipment, Standard Artcrates are equipped with butterfly-lid locks, rubber-grip handles, steel-capped corners, and impact resistant fiberglass/plywood walls.

Interior dimensions: 21" x 17" x 25" (53 x 43 x 63 cm).

Holds (15) 16" x 20" or (11) 20" x 24" Standard ArtFrames.


Custom Drawer Packing   Traditional Wooden Crates
Starting at $125

Reusable wooden crates are constructed with ACX plywood walls, and fully reinforced with baton-style construction with bar handles, rounded corners, and 2" x 4" skids. These crates safely travel your artwork via common carrier or air freight.

Built for same day service, reusable economy crates are affordable and ideal for repeat use.


Suspension Frame Packing   Economy Wooden Crates
Starting at $75

One-way economy shipping crates are constructed with ACX plywood walls and pine and baton frames. These economical and quick packing solutions, available with same-day service, are ideal for your shipments via common carrier or air freight.